A Word Painting

The following is a “picture” that is painted with words.  Because I don’t know what to really call it, I’ve simply titled it a “A Word Painting”.

This particular painting is called “Living Prior to…”  Since it is a relatively dark “painting”, lest someone think I am depressed or worst, I’ve also included an additional writing that reflects “Life After…”.

Living Prior to…

When the heart is wrapped in despair and there is no place to turn but inward, escapism consumes.  Dark lyrics strum through the mind, and the dance is mournful.  The only respite – bright fantasies woven in the mind’s eye as days fade and life slips by.  A facade of normality is maintained at an excruciatingly high cost.  Motions to appease a mad society are drawn from a motionless existence.  The end comes when the will to appease is vanquished and fantasy assumes reality.

I am Worship

Created by a Father

Loved by the Son

Filled with the Spirit

Surrounded  by wings of His glory

Smiled upon by creation

Overflowing with His love

Created for singing and dancing

I am Worship

Frank Solanki

If you want to be a hero well just follow me

Decluttering Religion.

Setting you free logically through contextual interpretations.

Brave New Girl

A girl and her adventures

Mitch Teemley

The Power of Story

In My Father's House

"...that where I am you may be also." Jn.14:3

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