Ascended to Life

I love you with an everlasting love. Death and hades cannot overwhelm my love. Descent to hades and the defeat of death were accomplished in my love. No one who loves me is destroyed by death. Death has been conquered. The gates were exploded from within. My descent became your ascent. You will not descend to death and the grave. You have ascended to life in me. Eternal life is in the Son. You are in the Son – united as one.

Rest in the truth of unity. Proclaim my work of restoration. All things have been restored and reconciled in me. My work is finished, is sufficient, is all encompassing. There is nothing for you to add. Can you not rest in this? What would you add to what I have done? Heaven, hell, earth, sea – what is not contained in me? Can anything abide apart from me and my love? I think not!

Align your mind with my truth. Salvation came, Salvation saved, Salvation is not limited by your theology. My salvation reigns supreme despite your theology. Give up your limitations to the God of the impossible, and major in my love. Rest in my joy. See the impossible unfold. Perceive me in others. Look past the flesh and outward appearance. My heart is yours – use it. I abuse no one; I love all. My acceptance is universal. My redemption will not be limited by your thoughts. Selah.

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