Nature’s Bouquet



I am one
with the sun shining
with the moon reflecting
with the shadow casting

I am one
with the cardinal chipping
with the hawk calling
with the osprey diving

I am one
with the squirrel burying
with the walnut sprouting
with the bear foraging

I am one
with the magnolia expanding
with the blackberry ripening
with the bean climbing

I am one
with the rabbit munching
with the fawn leaping
with the snake striking

I am one
with the rose blossoming
with the mimosa pinking
with the lily unfurling

I am one
with the tree breathing
with the sky weeping
with the earth drinking

I am one
with the mother birthing
with the spirit living
with the body dying

I am one
with the universe moving
with the song silencing
with the dark stilling

I am one
with the crow cawing
with the cat stretching
with the wolf hunting

I am one
with the water flowing
with the cloud streaming
with the world turning

I am one
with the day dawning
with the storm rising
with the night descending

I am one
with the dove mourning
with the hunter closing
with the depth enveloping

I am one
with the ant working
with the grasshopper devouring
with the worm burrowing

I am one
with the salmon spawning
with the eagle soaring
with the grizzly fishing

I am one
with the infant cooing
with the child smiling
with the elder crying

I am one
with the artist creating
with the builder constructing
with the dozer demolishing

I am one
with the sphere circling
with the line bending
with the end beginning

I am one
with the wind winnowing
with the ocean sweeping
with the ground heaving

I am one
with the oak falling
with the moss sprawling
with the mighty decaying

I am one
with the mountain eroding
with the sea crashing
with the volcano exploding

I am one
with the grass greening
with the hay drying
with the foal feeding

I am one
with the bell tolling
with the plow turning
with the combine harvesting

I am one
with the fire burning
with the passion churning
with the dream awakening

I am one
with the heart reminiscing
with the soul contemplating
with the eyes closing

I am one
with the one
that I am

(c) MDS 6/25/22


I saw 

hope falsified

love theatrified

peace brutalized

joy criminalized

I saw

hate deified

war glorified

truth trivialized

I saw petrified people paralyzed by putrid pedagogues spewing paltry platitudes while fleecing the flock of the faithful who bought into the Bolshevik bullshit

I saw society succumb to the incessant sucking of the socialist schillers who decried any denial of imminent disaster descending on huckstered humanity

I saw innocent individuals eliminated by the grinding gears of greed all in the name of nazi-esque nationalism

I saw the many who marched to martyrdom in the wake of woke wisdom whistling through the hallowed halls of higher minds 

I saw the fervent faction whose re-man’d Marxist manifesto materialized in vehement violence to vindicate the “victim”


I see love like a lamp lighting the way to an awakened world where the blossoming beauty of bountiful life leaps from the lips of lyricists

I see unity unfolding unfettered from the hearts of humanity holding the bridge of an unbreakable bond of identity invested from eternity

I see healed hearts passionately propelled to purposeful pursuits solving society’s slide to dissolution

I see that humanity is unity explored through divinity expressing diversity humbly housed in mortality

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