Freedom of Love

You are defined by my love.
You asked, and I gave.
I gave, and you received.
You received, and I increased.
I increased, and you rejoiced in my abundance.
As you rejoice in new found freedom, I strengthen you to move forward into more. Freedom requires strength. Law does not. The fallen mindset hearkens back to the fruit it ate and falls so easily into the lie of self-sustenance. But you my child I strengthen to walk in the freedom of my love, my joy, my kingdom, my provision. You were born again in Christ to receive an inheritance that I prepared for my children. Receive it like a child.

Fire of Love

The power of my Spirit moves. But it moves in love. This is how you discern – is it in love? If love is not the core, then it is not of me. My very being is love. My substance is love – undiluted, unpolluted, other focused love.

You must grasp this burning love to know me. I burn the darkness from you. I illuminate the darkest corners of your existence. When you embrace this fire it consumes. What is left unscathed is my image in you. My image that has always been there buried under the cares of the world and the hurts that only I can fully see. But don’t despair and don’t be frightened; my fire of love is good. I don’t and I won’t hurt you. Discern with my heart and don’t be afraid of my fiery love. Stronger than death my love is a seal upon your heart, my treasured bride.

Ascended to Life

I love you with an everlasting love. Death and hades cannot overwhelm my love. Descent to hades and the defeat of death were accomplished in my love. No one who loves me is destroyed by death. Death has been conquered. The gates were exploded from within. My descent became your ascent. You will not descend to death and the grave. You have ascended to life in me. Eternal life is in the Son. You are in the Son – united as one.

Rest in the truth of unity. Proclaim my work of restoration. All things have been restored and reconciled in me. My work is finished, is sufficient, is all encompassing. There is nothing for you to add. Can you not rest in this? What would you add to what I have done? Heaven, hell, earth, sea – what is not contained in me? Can anything abide apart from me and my love? I think not!

Align your mind with my truth. Salvation came, Salvation saved, Salvation is not limited by your theology. My salvation reigns supreme despite your theology. Give up your limitations to the God of the impossible, and major in my love. Rest in my joy. See the impossible unfold. Perceive me in others. Look past the flesh and outward appearance. My heart is yours – use it. I abuse no one; I love all. My acceptance is universal. My redemption will not be limited by your thoughts. Selah.

Papa’s Gift

You are named Daughter of God.  Born of my love; sustained in my strength.  My arm does not grow weary; my heart never fails.  My grace is multiplied and everlasting.  Your rest is complete – receive my offering to you. Guilt and shame have no place.  Do not let the lies strangle who you are in me.  I vanquish them with my word.  One look of my eyes destroys the accusations.  So look deep into me, and you will find no condemnation, no doubt.  My faith for you is strong.  My love is solid.  Rest in my truth.  Rest in my loving arms of forgiveness and acceptance.  Be one with me in all things, and you will never be confounded or desolate.  The wilderness has been transformed by the rivers of my love.  The lush garden of my existence awaits all who enter the gate.  The entry is wide open, and all can come.  Come in and bring yourself to me.  Freely receive, and freely bring others to the garden.  My prized fruit like jewels await your indulgence – good to eat, good for life.  My tree of life flourishes now and forever.  Eat only from my tree of bounty, and the fragrance of my love will blossom in you.  The fragrance of my love cancels the fragrance of death and destruction.  The fragrance of my love cannot be defeated.  I have conquered.  I continue to conquer the lies of the enemy.  Light shines and will not be extinguished.  My blessings, my love flood the earth.  My kingdom now established expands.  Praise and glory surround me, because I AM.  You? – you are with me in my glory.  See it, taste it, feast in me.  My love, my mercy, my power endure.

No One Should Cry Alone (Lullaby of Heaven)


She’s in pigtails and lace
The pretend party is in place
She calls to him as he comes through the door
Dance with me, Daddy
But he is too concerned with his cares
So she dances with Mr. Teddy Bear
And angels come and surround her heart
Jesus holds her in his arms
Because no one should dance alone

Lullaby of heaven
Angels singing love songs
Jesus crying and singing along
Streams of glory flowing
Lullabies of heaven caressing our heart
Because no one cries alone

He puts on his favorite team’s hat
Grabs his glove, ball, and bat
He prays maybe this time
But he is not chosen
He sits on the bench his mind frozen
And angels come and surround his heart
Jesus holds him in his arms
Because no one should play alone

Lullaby of heaven
Angels singing love songs
Jesus crying and singing along
Streams of glory flowing
Lullabies of heaven caressing our heart
Because no one cries alone

She stands by the little grave
She wasn’t supposed to be pregnant
But it happened any way
Shunned and shamed the baby came
Too soon and too small, she’s lost everything
Angels come and surround her heart
Jesus holds her in his arms
Because no one should cry alone

Lullaby of heaven
Angels singing love songs
Jesus crying and singing along
Streams of glory flowing
Lullabies of heaven caressing our heart
Because no one cries alone

[The way I saw this as I wrote it, the angels were both real angels ministering to broken hearts, but they were also symbolic of individuals partnering with Holy Spirit to reach out to others.  The first "angel" is a grandfather who comes to the party and dances.  The second "angel" is another little child on the playground who says, "come be my friend".  The last "angel" is a nurse from the hospital who comes to the graveside to comfort a mother mourning. May we be listening to the quite voice of Holy Spirit who will guide us so that no one cries alone.]

The Box

If I give you the little black box

What will you do with it

If you look closely you will see no lid

There’s no key hole

It’s black like obsidian

Solid, heavy

What will you do with it

If I give  you the little black box

Will you out of frustration break it open

Will you crush it under your feet

Will you be surprised to find it empty

No treasure inside

What was hidden there gone

Crushed, poured out, trampled

Another heart dissolved into the earth

If I give you the little black box

What will you do with it


A choice is made

A heart broken

A life shattered

The tears of the Father water the earth

A choice is made

Self destruction wins

The earth shudders

The blood of the Son waters the earth

A choice is made

Life floods the darkness

Heaven and earth rejoice

The wind of the Spirit harvests the earth

Moments in His Presence (Everlasting Love)


I took some time to go through my journals to look for entries that might be encouraging to others who are seeking to understand their security and identity in the Lord.  I’ve titled these posts “Moments in His Presence”, because they flowed out of time spent wrapped in his love and listening to his voice.  I pray that they may encourage and bless you.

Everlasting Love

I love you with an everlasting love – a love that will not die and cannot be defeated. You live in me; I live in you. Come to the fullness of the understanding of our unity. I challenge you to fully open yourself up to my love. I demonstrated my love for you at the cross. I demonstrated my love for you through the Holy Spirit. This is enough, but I long to give you even more. The fullness of the Spirit is available to my children. Long for it, and pursue it. Seek and you shall find. I give only good gifts to my children. Take time to seek me – I am waiting for you, and am ever eager to meet with you. I love you in all truthfulness, all faithfulness – a love forever.

You Are A Flower Blooming

You are like a flower blooming

Closed tight within your sepals

Hidden away the beauty of your design

But the sun and rain begin to call

A gentle touch opens the shell

A brilliant gem shines forth unexpectedly

A life is lived with abandon

Fruit is born to refresh others

Seeds are planted bringing forth more beauty

Playground of Love


The leaves swirl and dance to the ground as the wind blows through the valley

The fall quickly overtakes summer and winter awaits its quiet entrance

Each season a symphony delighting our senses

A kaleidoscope painting of wonder filling our vision

A masterpiece created by the Father for the delight of his children

An extravagant playground of love

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