I shall return from my walk a new person
Is that not the purpose of the journey

If I taste good
If I taste bad
If I mourn 
Or if I’m glad
It is certainly my choice

But I shall return a new person

I may dwell where the wild waters flow
I  may rest by the contemplative pools
I may rise up to conquer the mountain tops
Or I may dive off the cliffs into the sea
It is certainly my choice

But I shall return a new person

Shall I fear the way that I go
Shall I stall to stay in one place
Shall I plunge into the abyss
Shall I take courage to stand in the mist
I certainly may – it is my choice

But I shall return a new person

So I shall go
	I shall stay
	        I shall dither
	                I shall stray
I shall live
	I shall die
		I shall believe
			I shall lie

But I shall return a new person
Because certainly that is my choice

But I shall go in the Father’s arms
I shall stay in the same abode
I shall die in His love
I shall live in Him

And I am a new person

(c) MDS 8/19/2021

An Outline of an Alternative Viewpoint to Current Ideologies that are Resulting in the Degrading of Human Relationships

Musings  (click for pdf file)


Inside Out

Chubby-cheeked, tow-headed kid
Looking at a world chaotic
Monsters under the bed
Monsters in your head

Grown-up body, collegiate mind
Portraying something dignified
Mice gnawing at the door
Mice gnawing at your heart

Born an accident, kept distant
Pretending life worthwhile
Serpents in the basement
Serpents in your soul

Monsters out grew the hiding spot
Mice ate all the cheese
Serpents slithered away
Inside outside, implosion explosion

Damn cat out of the bag
Too many claws to stuff it back

I Know You Know

I wish it could be easier
But I guess it's the only way
When I look in your eyes I know that I can try
But you know I can't help but to cry

You say it will all be OK
But I hurt holding onto your words
When I look in your eyes I know that I will try
But you know I can't make it if you go

The pain may be old
But it feels so real and now
When I look in your eyes I know that I will always try
But you know I can't do it without your love

Portal of Fire

The door is wide open.  The door of my love is never closed.  It is like a fire portal in your heart, within your deepest self.  Some are afraid, because they fear the burning.  But there is no reason to fear.  It is like a burning in your bones – a longing you cannot describe.  It is encoded in your DNA.  When you step into the door, you free yourself to be embraced fully by my love.  The experience changes everything.  The burning is a desire to be fully alive in me.  No harm comes to my beloved ones as they come through the door.

The door is and will always  be open for eternity.  The choice is freely yours to walk through.  I always wait for  you.  Once you enter all is well.  Enter now, enter later – the draw is irresistible, because it is your original design.  Once you taste of it, you will not want to turn away.  Come and see; come and taste; come and experience the fullness.  The only hinderance is fear, but my love has conquered all fear and will overcome all resistance.  My love is infinite.  Selah.

Frank Solanki

If you want to be a hero well just follow me

Decluttering Religion.

Setting you free logically through contextual interpretations.

Brave New Girl

A girl and her adventures

Mitch Teemley

The Power of Story

In My Father's House

"...that where I am you may be also." Jn.14:3

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