Merry-goes the Merry-go-round


Growing Pains

It’s just growing pains
You will out-grow them

So they say

It’s just part of life
You will get better

So they say

Just let it go
You can do it

So they say

Just believe in Him
You must or else

So they say

They say a lot
You listen, you try

But I say

It makes no sense
It does not compute

But I say

Get out of my head
Get out of my heart

But I say

They fool themselves
They believe lies

I say

I out-grew the chains
I let go of them

Last Breath of Belief

When hurt is real
When no knight saves

When pain invades
When no one shows

House of suffering crushes
Religion of effort suffocates

Last breath exhales
Last grip releases

Letting Go

The dam of my angst has broken

I am no longer afraid to write it

To hell with your concepts of hell

I can’t hold to your beliefs anymore

Hasn’t worked, hasn’t helped

It only breaks, only kills

I have loosed the accuser within

Death and destruction only followed him

Mercy, mercy for whatever does exist

If this is freedom let it flow

If this is bondage let it bind

I can only know when I fully let go

The lies, the half truths, the sins of my fathers, the sins of my youth

Goodbye to all

The death of belief

Can be such a relief


I don’t believe in you
Powerless evangelical diety

Standing outside time
Watching on the sidelines

Death, destruction riding rampant
No intervention for the innocent

I don’t believe in you
Punitive protestant god

Waiting up there
Judging from the courts

Condemned, saved marching endlessly
No rest for the wicked or the just

I don’t believe in you anymore

Inside Out

Chubby-cheeked, tow-headed kid
Looking at a world chaotic
Monsters under the bed
Monsters in your head

Grown-up body, collegiate mind
Portraying something dignified
Mice gnawing at the door
Mice gnawing at your heart

Born an accident, kept distant
Pretending life worthwhile
Serpents in the basement
Serpents in your soul

Monsters out grew the hiding spot
Mice ate all the cheese
Serpents slithered away
Inside outside, implosion explosion

Damn cat out of the bag
Too many claws to stuff it back
Frank Solanki

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